Typical API Integration Life Cycle

Vafion has been offering API integration services exclusively to the hospitality industry. We also helped big organizations plan,build and manage their APIs. We have also supported some of the well-known hospitality sector players in their enterprise-wide API integrations. We have the expertise integrating almost all players in this industry. Similar channel integrations for various customers urged our engineers to develop a reusable platform.

Our team has come up with a platform after months of work that can easily track integration efforts to close to half. The software uses adapters that are customized to each channel. Effectively , it helps to greatly minimize integration efforts. This makes Vafion a smart choice compared with your technical team or some other supplier of technology. We stand out in terms of domain knowledge. We differentiate ourselves in terms of domain experience, delivery time, cost effectiveness, error handling, performance, and support.

API Integration Phases & Data Flow

Different integration specialists have their own way of data integrations. Here we are speaking about how Vafion handles data during a supplier API integration. Suppliers will be exposing their API/File. We access the supplier platform and receive data from them through our (Vafion) integration hub. The data we receive through integration hub will be stored in the source DB (Mongo DB) without any sort of transformation on it. We transform the data received to our required format (Vafion) using CAMEL and Spring Batch. Spring Batch helps in executing batch jobs in the best way. Following which we save that into the integration DB. Channels/Distributors can fetch the data through our exposed APIs in a matter of time making integrations super fast.

Development Process and Release Cycles

Agile/Scrum 2-week development cycles with demos and stakeholder feedback

Integration and Certification Process


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