Bit.Dev-Can it be used in place of traditional component packages?

BIT is a new market idea that allows you to manage your components across multiple/several projects with complete scalability.The idea behind creating a platform like BIT.DEV is to have the source code of external components as part of your local code, and the greatest part is that you can make modifications as needed, tag it […]



OR-Tools is an open-source, quick, and portable combinatorial optimization programme. The initial version was published on GitHub in September 2015, and it has since progressed to version 7.2, which was published in July 2019. It is used for  Optimizing and  tackling the world’s toughest problems in vehicle routing, flows, integer and linear programming, and constraint […]

Introduction to Contextual Bandits and Reinforcement Learning.

What are Contextual Bandits? As demand for features such as customization systems, fast information retrieval, and anomaly detection rises, so there is a need for a solution to maximise these characteristics. Contextual bandit is a machine learning framework developed to deal with these and other difficult circumstances. A learning system can use contextual bandits to […]

Determine Your Business with Internet of Things (IoT)

Phone service came into existence when the need for people-to-people interaction was required. Later this moved over to the Internet in the form of an email, and then followed by people-to-machine interaction. Now we have machine-to-machine interaction (IoT), which completely eliminates the need for human intervention; thus building ubiquitous computing.  Vafion as a technology partner has a […]

5 trends to know before strategizing your mobile based marketing

Mobile marketing has emerged as today‚Äôs trend, and mastering it can make the difference between increased conversion and stagnation.  When it comes to the leaders in Travel and Hospitality industry, they structure their mobile apps to get best success results for their brands. In today’s world, Smartphone and tablet has become the most preferred devices to […]