O-RAN : Transforming the 5G Radio Access Network Industry

Open Radio Access network is a term for industry-wide standards for RAN interfaces which support interoperation between vendor’s equipment. It is adopted by Operators and equipment manufacturers to reduce the infrastructure deployment cost and lower  for a new product innovation entry. O-RAN: A Quick Guide The needs of 5G on network infrastructure will be huge, […]

Secure Multiparty Computing

What is Secure Multiparty Computing?  Secure multiparty computing is a Cryptographic protocol which distributes a computation across various parties where no individual parties can see the other parties data. Secure multiparty computing (SMC), also known as secure function evaluation (SFE), is a sort of privacy-preserving computation in which two or more parties jointly compute a […]

Flutter Vs React Native Mobile App Development

Flutter Vs React Native for Mobile App Development : Which one should be used by Start-ups. Cross-platform app development is more popular among the start-ups nowadays. Flutter and React Native are two cross-platform app development frameworks. These two frameworks are the most popular app development framework right now. What is Flutter ? Flutter is an […]

Materialize- The Streaming Database on SQL Platform

WHAT IS MATERIALIZE? Materialize is a streaming database that enables to do incremental computation without complications in data pipelines. Materialize is the SQL platform used for processing streaming data. With lots of technical research behind it, materialize was launched in 2019 to build real-time applications easily and efficiently on streaming data so that businesses can […]

What is a chargeback?

Chargeback may be a new term for all of you…But you all will be familiar with the concept. In essence, a chargeback is a refund made at the bank level. After a transaction is complete, the bank of a dissatisfied cardholder aggressively withdraws money from a seller’s account and returns it to the cardholder. Chargebacks […]

Apache Pinot

Apache Pinot is a real-time distributed OLAP( Online Analytical Processing) datastore which is the technology behind much business intelligence. Apace pinot is mainly built to provide ultra-low latency analytics even at high throughput.  Pinot was developed by the engineers at Linkedin and Uber. This was designed to power-rich interactive real-time applications to find information such […]