Data Synchronization with mobile cloud backend


The user-engagement model for a mobile app is different from a web app. Users are typically impatient and expects a swift response while interacting with the application. On the other hand, reliability issues with the networks pose a serious challenge to establish a robust communication channel with the back-end.

A nice work-around is to somehow cache the most-frequently used data on the device itself. How is it done? One approach is for the app developer to create a mini-replica of the enterprise DB in SQLite that is packaged with the app. On app start-up or in response to notifications, the data can be synchronized with the device.

Once synchronized, end-users can continue using the application as if working with local data which makes the end-user experience delightful.

How can mBaaS help here?

A well-implemented mBaaS should provide enough hooks to facilitate data synchronization from the back-end to the device. These may include:

  1. Availability of the data synchronization APIs on the back-end
  2. SDKs for the app that provides a simplified, robust and efficient mechanism for data synchronization process
  3. Ability to export the DB schema that can be initialized into a SQLite store
  4. Mechanisms to import and export the schema from the back-end or from the application
  5. Periodic data refreshment capability.

If you’re looking for the best mBaaS platform for your business, Data Synchronization is one key feature to consider. Having led the cloud-based mobile application platform development initiatives for a large enterprise, we can help you to decide the right strategy in moving to the cloud-based mobile platform in a cost-effective manner.

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